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Welcome Newsgroupsreviews visitor to Ngroups.NET
Ngroups.NET offers complete and affordable newsgroup access, with both US and EU server centers, high reliability, and long retention.
With Ngroups.NET you get:
  • Both US and EU server centers
  • SSL ecrypted access at no extra cost
  • High Performance
  • Long binary retention. (Up to 3000 Days!)
  • Long text group retention (Up to 15 years)
  • Fast support
  • Low cost and many subscription options (See below)
  • Free VPN access with all Unlimited accounts.
  • Free trial for Newsgroupsreviews visitors

With Ngroups.NET you can either subscribe to a normal recurring subscription, wich renews automatically, or create a "manual renewal" account, which you renew and pay for a new period manually when the account expires. Payment options available via Credit Card or Amazon.
To see all account and subscription offers, please check the General Signup page.

Currently we have those special offers:

SPECIAL, FOR ALL Newsgroupsreviews visitors!

"Unlimited Eco" subscription @ $9.99/month
  • Recurring subscription, Unmetered downloads
  • ONLY $9.99/Month! (regular price $10.99)
  • FREE VPN & Unlimited Backup storage included!

Free trial for Newsgroupsreviews visitors!

  • Free trial account
  • 3 days or 5 GB download