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Block Quota Accounts
Q: What is a "Lifetime block Quota account"?
A: Traditionally most Usenet Providers has only sold pay-per-month accounts, in which the number of gigs purchased had to be consumed by the end of the month - or you'd lose it. Later years they sometimes also offer "unlimited" accounts, but you still have to pay for them every month, or the account expires.
A "Block Quota Account", or just "Block Account" instead means a pay-per-gigabyte account with no time limit; if you buy a quota block you can keep downloading until you have used up the purchased quota block, if that takes 10 days or 10 years doesn't matter, and there are no recurring fees. When you run out of quota, (or before you run out), you just add another quota block to the account. (Similar to pre-paid phone cards.)
WARNING: Lately some providers has begun advertising time limited or pay-per-month accounts having a monthly quota as "block accounts". Those are just standard limited accounts, what we sell are "real" block accounts, in its traditional meaning, with no time limits and no recurring fees!
We provide Block Quota Accounts via our Sister Site, which is primarily dedicated to Block Accounts.
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Block size
Cost/block The Block Quota Accounts, Provided by our Sister Site, can be paid via Credit Card or Amazon Pay.
When you have used up your quota block, you just purchase a new Block. Each time you can choose which Block size you want to purchase at that time, you don't need to pay for the same download quota every time you fill up the account, nor do you need to use te same payment service.
2 GB $ 2.00
5 GB $ 3.00
10 GB $ 5.00
20 GB $ 8.00
30 GB $ 10.00
50 GB $ 12.00
100 GB $ 15.00
200 GB $ 22.00
500 GB $ 52.00
1024 GB $ 92.00
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