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Our usenet server system
  • Dual Data Centers means you have the option to connect to the system that gives you the best connectivity and speed, minimizing the risk of network problems or bottlenecks enroute. The dual systems also ensures redundance, effectively eliminating downtime. The two systems are located in US (Ashburn, VA), and central Europe (Amsterdam, NL).
  • Our servers carries almost all active newsgroups on the Usenet. The retention for binaries is over 3000 days!!! (See below) For text groups the retention is up to five years.

We currently offer Usenet Newsgroup accounts with unmetered downloads*, or accounts with a total download limit of 10 GB per month. The system allows twenty or sixty simultaneous connections, depending on plan. We also offer block download accounts of various sizes via our sister site There are no upload limits on any account type, other than what is considered Abuse in our terms and conditions. (Such as SPAM or Newsgroup flooding.)

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Our services
  • Complete Usenet Newsgroups Access - Almost all active newsgroups.
  • High speed - We use the latest technology, fastest network providers, the best hardware available and dual data centers. Our users enjoy fast downloads from our high powered servers.
  • Security - We don't log what you download, and you can access any of the servers using SSL encryption to prevent your ISP or any third party from "sniffing" what you do. Many others charge extra for SSL - we don't!
  • Completion - We have peers all over the world, including all of the world's largest usenet providers, to offer you a complete feed bringing news faster that you can read within seconds, no matter where in the world it was posted. Our Usenet Newsgroup article completion is 99.9%!
  • Retention - Our flexible server system has an ever-growing storage spool. The retention is now over 3000 DAYS. Header retention may yet be a few days lower, but full retention is available via via message-ID, using NZB files. Text groups have up to three years of retention.
  • Reliability - We have redundant server systems connected to several redundant backbones, ensuring near 100% uptime.
  • Multiple connections - You can increase your download speed by using multiple simultaneous threads. This can be done using a multi-threading newsreader such as Usenet Explorer or Newsleecher. Up to 30 simultaneous threads for regular accounts, up to 60 for premium accounts.
  • Instant access via Credit Card payment. Other payment options also available.
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*Please see our FAQ and Terms for detailed terms.  
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