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Affiliate Program
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Become a Ngroups.NET affiliate today and earn up to 200% commission on every subscriber you refer! This is a great opportunity for webmasters to turn their hits into cash. What are you waiting for? Sign up as a Ngroups.NET affiliate today!
The program:
  • Sign up for our affiliate program and we will give you a one time, 50% commission on the payment for the first month for each new recurring subscriber you refer. That means that if someone you refer to us create $19.99 per month subscription with us, you would receive approximately $10 in commission.* For "Manual", Non-recurring accounts, your commission is 25% of the payment for the first month.
  • After you've made $300 in commissions, your commissions increase to 100%(!) for recurring subscribers and 50% for "Manual" accounts, of the payment for their first month!!
  • After you've made $2000 in commissions, your commissions increase to 200%(!!) and 100%, respectively, of the payment for the first month for Recurring subscribers or Manual payment accounts referred by you.
  • Payouts are done monthly, via PayPal.
  • Minimum payout is $100.
  • Please note that self-referral is NOT allowed, and that it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to use marketing methods that may even remotely be classified as SPAM or off-topic in newsgroups, web forums, e-mail, or any other medium, or marketing methods that are in any way offensive or questionable. Any such behaviour will result not only in frozen earnings, but may also result in a lawsuit for any damage to our business image it may have caused. Ngroups.NET also reserves the right to deny advertising on websites where it is deemed negative for Ngroups.NET's business image.
*(The amount may vary depending on which currency the new subscriber decides to pay in. The affiliate program always calculates commissions in USD, and payouts are in USD currency. For promotional pricing special rules apply, so the amount may be lower.)