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You reach our Customer Support through the online web form. (See below)
Support is available 18/7, and engineers are constantly on duty checking the system, ready to take immediate action at the first sign of any problem.
What do you need?

I need information about your systems or current known issues.
I need information about how to set up my newsreader.
I need to cancel my recurring subscription.
  • Click here to cancel your recurring subscription.

I have lost my login, or not received the welcome message.
I want to request a newsgroup to be added to the systems.
I need to read the answer to a previously submitted support ticket.
  • Click here to check status of a support ticket created on or after January 1, 2015
  • Click here to check status of a support ticket created before January 1, 2015

NOTE: If you are getting 502 login errors, PLEASE log in to your control panel via the form on top of this page, and check that no recurring payment has failed, OR if your account has been migrated to our new server system. (If the latter we have sent you an email about it, but your registered email may be invalid, or your mail system may have filtered the message as spam.)
If none of the above helps, please use the Q-Support Ticket system to contact our support team.