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Manual Renewal Accounts
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Account type Cost The manually paid accounts can be paid via Credit Card or Amazon Payments.
When the account expires you get a message that you can renew, and have 30 days in which to renew before the account gets disabled and you have to create a new account.
You don't need to pay for the same period of download quota every time you renew, nor do you need to use te same payment service.
If you use or any other Amazon site, you already have an account with Amazon, and can use Amazon Payments to pay for access.
3 Months Light $17.97/€14.97
1 Month Unlimited Eco $14.99/€12.49
3 Months Unlimited Eco $39.97/€33.49
Save $5.00
6 Months Unlimited Eco $77.94/€64.99
Save $12.00
12 Months Unlimited Eco $149.88/€119.99
Save $30.00!
1 Month Unlimited Extra $19.99/€16.49
3 Months Unlimited Extra $54.97/€45.49
Save $5.00
6 Months Unlimited Extra $107.94/€89.49
Save $12.00
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